First episode up!

2007-08-31 18:12:57 by VentMultimedia

Woohoo! The first episode of the cartoon is now up on newgrounds to very positive reviews. Check it out, give a score, write a review, and visit the website. If you think there's some small areas that could be easily improved, let me know and I'll check it out.

For the haters and the flamers, don't bother. I'm not a angry snotty child, I'm not going to respond to your hatred with anger. I'm a very happy person, so some internet hardass is hardly going to phase me, so don't waste your time. Hasta!


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2007-08-31 18:50:24

it was kool

VentMultimedia responds:



2007-11-15 01:04:17

came across the movie when looking for something else. Meh not bad, but was that your second movie? Because for a second flash, that's was very well done. I just became a flash artist, I've learned a hell of a lot more than I thought. Well, animation was good, you don't really see a lot of half-assed drawings like in other movies. Because, to other flash artists, we admire great animation and drawing skills, rather than just humor and story. I'll admit that the humor was a little childish though and seemed a bit too random for my taste. Overall it was great, I wish you luck on the next episode.


2007-12-15 09:55:56

i agree with the previous guy, i couldn't believe it was your first or second flash, it takes most people about 30 flashes to get as good ast that, anyway the first episode was really good, hope you make more.