2008-03-26 04:51:39 by VentMultimedia

Posted a new short toon, Tribute to Trogdor

One day late.

2008-03-02 11:56:59 by VentMultimedia

Episode 2 has been released on schedule on, however, it will be released on Newgrounds a day late. Why? Well, let's just say I want to add a little something special to the toon for all my fans at Newgrounds. Bwahaha.

It's been a while, the second episode was SUPPOSED to be a Halloween episode, just to give you some idea of how behind schedule it is. However, the release date is SET IN STONE for March 1st, and I gurantee it will be posted on that day (or night).

To earn back a little credibility, you can see a preview for the toon here.

First episode up!

2007-08-31 18:12:57 by VentMultimedia

Woohoo! The first episode of the cartoon is now up on newgrounds to very positive reviews. Check it out, give a score, write a review, and visit the website. If you think there's some small areas that could be easily improved, let me know and I'll check it out.

For the haters and the flamers, don't bother. I'm not a angry snotty child, I'm not going to respond to your hatred with anger. I'm a very happy person, so some internet hardass is hardly going to phase me, so don't waste your time. Hasta!


2007-08-18 03:41:52 by VentMultimedia

Say hello to my home on Newgrounds. Also check out, my personal website. Register, post in the forums, be a cool guy, punch a goat, buy me Wendy's etc.

Just starting out making games and cartoons, much more to come, but for now play my first game, Wanted Waldo.

The first episode of the cartoon series is about 98% done and will be posted VERY soon.